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Broadway Bound Dance Center offers some of the finest Lyrical dance instruction in Bergen County. Students of Lyrical are trained in Ballet and Jazz technique. This style helps every student to gain a deep understanding of movement and it’s connection to music.

Driven by the lyrics and storytelling, our students are encouraged to tap into their emotion. Lyrical teaches the artist how to convey deep feelings—inspired by music—through the art of dance. Via technical warmup, students learn contrast between abrupt and sustained movements. There is an emphasis on the quality of movement; the creation of beautiful lines and a connection to the audience.

Every Lyrical class is a journey that begins with the subtleness of the music and crescendos with beautiful choreographic combinations.


Students discover that dance is more than technique and tricks. Dance encompasses one’s expression through his or her own ability to tell a story. Ballet must be taken as a prerequisite to, or in conjunction with Lyrical.

image of BBDC lyrical student


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Important Class Information
  • Required Dance Attire

    Girls: Burgundy leotard, tan footless or convertible tights, “foot undeez.” Optional: black fitted shorts over leotard. Boys: Black shorts, white t-shirt , barefoot.

  • Instructors

    Meet the instructors and assistants at Broadway Bound Dance Center. Learn more about their training and experience.

  • Why Dance?

    Dance, and specifically Ballet, empowers the whole child at every stage of their life. Developing life skills is key. Learn more with our brochure.

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Every Lyrical class is a journey.